Vertical Screw Conveyors

Orthman Conveying Systems (OCS) started in 2003 in Lexington, NE as a bolt on company to Orthman Manufacturing Inc


The Orthman vertical screw conveyor system is a great solution to many material handling problems by providing a cost effective elevating action with minimum space requirements. The vertical is fed by a horizontal feed screw which is synchronized with by speed and feed rate. Both the feed screw and the vertical are driven by independent screw conveyor drives. We offer this system in multiple materials of construction including carbon, abrasion resistant, stainless or any combination.
Although we have standards the length of the feed screw, the height of the vertical as well as the diameter of each can be designed to each specific application.

The Optimal Solution for Elevating Materials

The Orthman Vertical Screw Conveyor system is a premier solution for diverse material handling needs, offering efficient vertical elevation of materials in a space and cost-optimized design. Essential for transporting dry to semi-dry bulk materials, it is particularly adept for handling wood products and free-flowing substances. The system combines a horizontal feed screw and a vertical screw, synchronized for maximum efficiency in speed and feed rate, each powered by independent drive units for precise control.

Available in various materials like carbon, abrasion-resistant constructions, and stainless steel, it can be customized in terms of the length of the feed screw, the height of the vertical conveyor, and diameter, providing a versatile solution tailored to individual application requirements.

Vertical Screw Conveyors


Our vertical screw conveyors come equipped with several integral components, each designed to perform seamlessly and ensure the longevity and reliability of the system.

  • Comprehensive inlet section
  • Durable head section
  • intermediate sections
  • Strong pedestal
  • High-quality screw
  • Efficient drive unit
  • Adaptative feeder screw

Orthman vertical screw conveyors offer numerous operational benefits, making them a preferred choice for various industrial applications.

  • Advanced and efficient design
  • Simple installation process
  • Compact requiring less space
  • Economical and cost-effective
  • Option for a dust-tight system
  • Flexible material discharge in any direction
  • Capable of up to 40’ of elevation

Our vertical screw conveyors are versatile, serving a range of industries and materials with reliability and precision.

  • Animal Feed
  • Pet Food
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Ice Handling
  • Pellet Transportation
  • Bone & Blood Meal Handling
Design Specifications

The design of our vertical screw conveyors is the epitome of innovation and precision, aiming to fulfill every operational demand efficiently.

  • Capacity ranges between 400 to 6,000 cubic feet per hour
  • Optional internal bearings available but not recommended
  • Typical vertical speeds are between 150 to 250-rpm
  • Equipped with “kicker” paddles at discharge
  • The discharge height is limited to about 50-feet
  • Requires lateral support at the drive end
  • Horizontal feed screw is 45-percent loaded
  • Horizontal and verticals are typically of the same diameter
  • Necessary lateral supports to structure every 10 to 12-feet


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