Belt Conveyors

Orthman Conveying Systems (OCS) started in 2003 in Lexington, NE as a bolt on company to Orthman Manufacturing Inc
Orthman belt conveyors are perfect for a wide range of applications because of their reliability, versatility and range of capacities

Orthman Belt Conveyors are built to handle tough conveying jobs with ease

Orthman belt conveyors are perfect for a wide range of applications because of their reliability, versatility and range of capacities. Materials from fine powders to large, lumpy stones can be handled in transport applications ranging from food processing to forestry, mining and quarrying, heavy production and agriculture. Orthman offers a full range of different styles, designs and options of belt conveyor systems as well as years of experience in materials handling to meet your exact needs. And regardless of the application, you can count on the application engineering, system design and construction to be heavy-duty and designed to provide years of trouble-free operation.

Efficiency and Reliability for All Your Material Handling Needs

Orthman's belt conveyor systems are designed to efficiently move materials across various industries. Whether you're dealing with fine powders or large stones, our belt conveyors handle a variety of jobs with utmost reliability. Suitable for specific applications in food processing, forestry, mining, quarrying, heavy production, and agriculture, these conveyors are versatile and adaptable.

With features like a powered conveyor to move the belt effortlessly and a troughed belt design to securely hold materials, Orthman ensures a dependable belt conveyor system for diverse needs. Count on Orthman's years of expertise in materials handling and robust system construction for long-lasting, trouble-free operation. Simple, durable, and efficient – that's what Orthman belt conveyors promise to deliver.

Belt Conveyor Options

Channel Stringer Belt Option

“Our belt conveyors with channel stringers come in standard sections of 10′ and 20′. Depending on the length you need, we can provide a custom section. Each joint is made robust with a bolted splice plate connection. When there’s a need to bridge longer distances, these sections can be linked with our truss sections. This combination allows for flexibility in design. Specifically, where overhead space is tight, the channel frame design of the belt conveyor system proves ideal.”

Truss Frame Conveyors

Our truss frame conveyors are available in depths of 24′ and 42′. Like the channel stringers, we provide custom lengths to match your specific applications. Use these when you need to move the belt across longer spans without supports.

Slider Bed Belt Conveyor

This design is heavy-duty yet minimalistic, ensuring longevity and reduced need for too many supports. It’s particularly great for industries handling lighter bulk materials. For moderate inclines (up to 23 degrees), we can equip them with special cleated belts to keep your materials secure.

U-trough Belt Conveyor

When you want efficient movement, especially on an incline, the U-trough belt conveyor is the pick. With wood chips, for instance, the design ensures better interlocking and less material fallback, increasing efficiency.

Flat Slide Belt Conveyor

This variant is used when you need to weigh materials or when the belt doubles as a feeder. It’s also a go-to choice when there’s limited overhead clearance, emphasizing its adaptability to specific applications.

Totally Enclosed Belt Conveyors

For a virtually dust-free conveyance experience, choose our totally enclosed belt conveyors. With optional corrugated or flat covers and standard 14-gauge steel drip pans, they keep things clean and tidy.

Custom Engineered Belt Conveyors

If our standard designs don’t fit your needs, don’t worry. We offer custom-engineered solutions. Provide us with your specifications or drawings, and we’ll design a belt conveyor system tailored to your needs.

Belt Cleaners

Orthman provides various models of belt cleaners for different applications. The primary design features a spring-loaded mechanism with either a rubber or UHMW scraper blade. This cleaner is suitable for many belt conveyor-specific applications and ensures the belt remains clean. However, for those challenging tasks where more thorough cleaning is required, we also offer motor-driven brush-type cleaners. To ensure you get the right cleaner to move the belt effectively, please reach out to Orthman for recommendations.

Flanged Inlet Load Hoppers

For non-enclosed conveyors, we provide load hoppers. These components help guide materials smoothly onto the troughed belt. Depending on your requirements, they can have either inclined or vertical chute sides. Additionally, underneath the discharge point, you might find impact idlers or a designated load section for added support.

Standard Belt Conveyor Covers

To shield the belt, materials, and idlers from external factors like weather, Orthman has an array of standard conveyor covers. These covers are essential to prevent sun damage to the belt and to keep the belt conveyor system’s idler rollers and belt from freezing.

Belt Conveyor Deck Plates

These plates are designed to keep materials on the carrying part of the belt from spilling onto the return part. Generally made of 16-gauge material, thicker options are available on request. The design of inclined conveyor decking is dual-purpose – to deflect water and debris and provide protection to the powered conveyor belt and return idlers.

Drip Pans

A must-have for belt conveyors placed above sensitive equipment or areas with human activity. These pans prevent materials from falling off the conveyor. Especially for fully enclosed belt conveyors, we ensure our drip pans come with gaskets for a dust-proof experience.



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